Baby Proofing

Saving babies is the #1 job for any Superhero!
(ironically #2 is rescuing cats from trees, go figure).We’ll install everything you need to keep your family’s home safe and secure for a newly crawling or walking toddler. Our estimators will provide you with a lightening fast FREE virtual consultation to get you set up ASAP!

We specialize in solving your most challenging baby proofing issues. From gates to tip guards, we’ll make sure your baby is safe and secure!

Philadelphia Needs a Home Baby-Proofing Hero!

Babies: they’re precious, beautiful, and super curious. They’re also a bit unpredictable They’re always looking for something new to fiddle with, jambering around on a non-stop, tinytown adventure. Caring for a new baby is a big job, and when they finally get a leg over the side of that crib the race for baby safety is on! Managing your baby’s safety means overtime for mom. Even if baby wakes you up for a midnight feeding every night this week, you don’t dare fall asleep when she’s frittering about the house looking for fun. Anything could happen… I mean you’ve seen Looney Tunes.

Those moments when you realize that you need to start baby-proofing can be a real eye opener. That’s where Home Hero’s professional home baby proofing service comes in. Professional baby-proofing is about preventing unforeseeable baby trouble before it happens.

Philadelphia Needs a Baby Proofing Hero!

When it comes to baby proofing your house, no detail is too small. Here at The Home Hero, when we’re
not traveling around the world, blunting sharp sticks, nerfing stairwells, and sanding down pointy rocks,
we’re baby proofing Philadelphia and the surrounding metropolitan area.
Even the smallest homes are full of no-no’s for babies and toddlers who are incredibly eager to touch,
taste, and experiment with everything whilst burning through diapers like they’re going out of fashion).
Just take a quick glance around the room you’re in now and count the number of not-so-baby-friendly
things lurking in every corner. Okay, stop counting before you have a panic attack. With Home Hero, you
don’t need to count pointy objects. We’ll do that for you- and de-pointy-fy them. Read on to find out

Home Hero to the Rescue!
Our first job is to make it easy for you to create a baby-safe area that’s fun, baby-friendly, and amenable to your sense of decor. You put the baby safe things in the baby safe area, and get the non-baby safe things out of it. How do we do it? Specialized baby gates and gadgets!

Baby gates are an excellent solution for all your baby safety needs. These are not the flimsy, plastic, one-panel baby gates you find at local retailers. These are heavy-duty, durable, versatile baby gates that work in all kinds of spaces. Block off stairways, box in hazardous cleaning materials, and cordon off areas full of “nice things” that you’d rather not let baby get those funny little fingers on. Our baby gates are 100% baby safe, strong and durable. They fit any space and are as amenable to your sense of décor as anything else you’d choose to bring into your home.

The Swiss Army Knife of Baby-Proofing Solutions

In addition to these, we have a bunch of anti-baby-danger solutions that are easy to use and super safe for babies-no matter how wild your little tyke may be. These include the sliding socket blocker; a power outlet cover which has a spring-loaded protector that’s easy for adults to bypass, but not so easy for baby’s funny little fingers. There’s also, foam tape for sharp-edged furniture such as glass and marble tables that wouldn’t be so nice for baby to bonk into. There’s also a number of solutions for keeping cabinets shut, different kinds for different cabinetry.

Our solutions include;

  • Gates
  • Plexiglas/Lexan for railings, balconies, etc.
  • Wire Management
  • Electronics Guards
  • Furniture Safety Anchoring
  • Window Safety
  • Kitchen safety latches and locks
  • Bathroom tub and toilet safety
  • Electrical Safety
  • Door latches, closers, stoppers, finger-guards, and lever locks
  • Fireplace protection
  • Pet solutions
  • And more…

There are so many ways and tools that can help keep your precious baby safe and help keep you sane, we could just go on all day about them. Would you like us to go on all day? No? Okay. Maybe you’d like to hear about our baby-proofing process.

Our Baby Proofing Process

As the number one go-to baby proofing service Philadelphia families choose, again and again, you can
bet your bottom diaper that we have worked out a process for reliably baby proofing all kinds of homes.

Our Process:

  • Perform thorough room-by-room safety evaluation.
  • Expose potential danger points and conditions in the home that could be easily overlooked.
  • Listen to all of your questions on child safety.
  • Explain what we’ve found and help you make any practical and effective fixes for better baby safety.
  • Install any safety products you want and need for your baby’s safety and show you how to use them correctly.
  • Get it done promptly, professionally, effectively and as promised. Most baby proofing jobs are complete within 2-4 hours

Get in touch today to learn more about our comprehensive baby-proofing solutions and get your free virtual estimate. Our baby safety Heroes are standing by to answer all your baby safety questions.