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So, you’ve recognized that you need to repair the drywall in your home. Congratulations, that’s half the battle, GI Joe. Now, you’ve decided that it really can’t be a hard as all that, and you’re going to do the work yourself. Oh boy. Well, before you get all gung-ho and knock your house full of holes, let’s just go over some of the MANY things that can go wrong when you get fruity with the drywall.

What Can go Wrong With Do it Yourself Drywall

Compared to the wood beams drywall is affixed to and the hardware needed to use to keep it in place,
drywall is brittle, flaky, easy to damage and not so easy to replace. That means it’s pretty danged
important to get the job done right. Otherwise, you can just double the cost of your little project from the
outset with all the spackle you’re going to have to buy. When it’s all said and done, your target area might
end up made more of spackle than actual drywall.

Over Sanding
Like so many things in life, drywall is easy to over-sand. As we said. Drywall is brittle, fragile, dusty, and
unforgiving. This isn’t your chia-pet, Jackson. Once you over sand an edge- it ain’t coming back. Spackle
city, here we come!

Giving in to the Spackle Side of the Force
Most guys have knocked a hole in a wall, fixed it with spackle and come to the hare-brained conclusion
they have become a master of drywall repairs. Listen – we don’t mind. Those guys are our bread and
butter. But the fact is that tape and spackle cannot solve all of your problems. Duct tape and water bottles
might make a good emergency storm raft- but walls are a different beast. Remember- it’s about using the
right amount… not the largest amount.

Missed Frame Locations
If you’ve ever put up shelves or tried to hang a picture frame, you’ve probably had the experience of just
perforating your drywall without hitting a stud, leaving it looking like Bonnie and Clyde left their calling
card with a Tommy gun. That’s annoying. Well, imagine how annoying it will be to shred an entire sheet of
drywall because your stud markings are off. Sure, it does seem pretty straightforward, marking every 12
inches. But it takes experience to get it right. Better head down to spackle town.

Using Too Much Drywall
When you’re patching a large section, most newbies will use a piece that’s too big and try to jam it into
the gap. This is a sure way to wreck your existing drywall as well as your patch. Drywall doesn’t need to
be an exact fit, it just needs to be close. You’d be better off hanging a big Bob Ross painting over that
hole. We think he’s underrated.

Forgetting to Cover Your Beers
It should go without saying, but drywall work is messy, dusty, sloppy, and dirty. It’s also filthy. The white
dust that comes out of roughed up drywall gets onto and into everything. You’ll never get that weird
chalky smell out of your couch, and you can kiss your precious cheese steak goodbye. So, if there’s
anything that you don’t want looking like something that Crockett and Tubbs would haul you down to the
station for, cover it up!

Cracks Kill
If you’re replacing large pieces around windows and doors, it’s really important to get the alignment right.
Getting the alignment of your drywall sheets right really takes a professional. Lining sheets up with the
edge of a window or door is a good way to ensure that they will crack as the house settles over time.
Don’t worry though, you’ll learn your lesson after those things fall out on the floor in the middle of some
sweltering summer night. Now, where’s that spackle?

Not Knowing When to Call Home Hero
Being inexperienced a drywall repair can lead to wasted time, money, and a hefty dose of frustration.
Who you gonna call?

What Can go Wrong With Do it Yourself Drywall

Listen, Philadelphia, everyone is good at something. But nobody is good at everything. Home repairs are
our thing, so leave it to us, okay?

Whether it’s a simple installation, spot painting, room painting, or water damage repair, we’ll get the job
done right the first time. We guarantee you’ll love the results – and just imagine how much money you’ll
save on spackle. If you don’t believe we’re the best, just look at all of our awards. They’re so pretty, and
not a hint of drywall dust or spackle on any of them.

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