(From Angie’s List)

T – Trustworthy!
H – High-quality!
E – Experienced!

H – Humorous!
O – Openhearted!
M – Meticulous!
E – Exceptional!

H – Honest!
E -Expert!
R – Reliable!
O – Outstanding!

From Pete, the wonderful Super Hero owner; to Bridgett, the friendly Sidekick who scheduled my initial appointment; to Jeff and Steve, the skilled Sidekicks who constructed my beautiful new powder room and stylish kitchen floor, I have nothing but GREAT things to say about The Home Hero crew.

My husband and I found ourselves in a time crunch last October when we finally acknowledged we needed to repair our decrepit kitchen floor before his hip replacement surgery in November. Not having good experiences dealing with contractors in the past, I guardedly contacted The Home Hero to get an estimate for the work. The day of our initial appointment with Pete I was held up at work so my husband met with him to explain what we had in mind. Imagine my surprise when I got home to hear my typically cynical husband say we should hire The Home Hero and he did not think we needed to speak with any other contractors. I KNEW at that moment that The Home Hero had to be something special. Believe me, I was not disappointed.

Despite the fact that I was well aware of the tight time frame for getting the floor replaced, before Pete’s crew could begin I convinced my husband that it made sense to renovate the powder room since it was right off the kitchen. Each time I added a new project to the ever-increasing inventory of work to be performed, Pete patiently and humorously revised his estimates (at least four times).

Once i finally stopped with the additional requests, Pete provided us with the final estimate and the work was scheduled. Let me tell you, if I did not feel comfortable using The Home Hero at that point (Though, I DID!), I certainly would have after meeting The Home Hero crew – Jeff and Steve. Where did Pete find a crew as friendly, knowledgeable, patient, trustworthy and skilled as he is?

Jeff and Steve were a pleasure to have around and I never felt inconvenienced by their presence. In fact, I felt so comfortable with them being in the house that I didn’t have any reservations giving them the house key. Not only did I find Jeff and Steve to be dependable and approachable, they were also very skilled. They found solutions for the many issues that came with renovating my old house with its uneven floors and outdated plumbing.

So, even with the very tight time line, my numerous additional requests requiring revised estimates, and the need to find creative solutions to the issues that arose when renovating my old house, The Home Hero gave us a beautiful new powder room and stylish kitchen floor. As you can probably tell, my husband and I are extremely satisfied with our experience with The Home Hero. I cannot imagine calling anyone else when we start the next project in our home.