Everyone knows it’s really hard to be a Superhero. Trains are always falling off bridges, robbers are always breaking into bank vaults, and we can’t even tell you how many cats get stuck up in the trees on a daily basis.  To say the least, the one thing Superheroes are NOT great at is having enough time to get everything done!

Homeowners are the exact same way.  Between work, school, dinner, activities, sports, social lives, there’s no time to get anything around the house done these days.  Least of all, those nagging “Honey-Do” list items that your significant other has been begging you to do for over a year now.

So what’s the solution?  Well, sure, call a Handyman, anyone can do that right?  But then you have to bring in three or four different ones to get quotes, and that means missing work to meet these jokers.  Then two show up late, and one doesn’t show up at all. Then you have to wait around for them to send the estimates so you can compare.  Some take a few days, some take weeks, and some never even get back to you at all. And you still haven’t even got anything done yet!!

Frustrated yet?!  Sounds like a job for The Home Hero!  Philadelphia’s ONLY Super-Powered Handyman Service.

We’re REVOLUTIONIZING the Handyman industry, one job at a time.  And it all begins with THE VIRTUAL ESTIMATE! You heard us, The Home Hero is now the ONLY Handyman service in the UNIVERSE (or maybe Philly) that offers 100% Virtual Estimates.  Now you can request an estimate for all those small handyman tasks, from the comfort of your own home. Hell, you can do it in your PJs or your cape if you want, we won’t tell.

Simply go to and visit our Home Hero Super-Computer, The Virtual Estimator Bot 5000. There you can enter all the details and upload photos that allow us to use our X-Ray vision interpolator.

While other Handymen aren’t calling you back, we’ll be getting you a Super-Powered Estimate back in 24 hours or less! That’s right, in less time then it takes one of those goofballs to call you back, we’ll have your estimate in your hand, ready to book.

You can request a virtual estimate for Drywall Repair, Baby Gates, Plumbing Repairs, Electrical Repairs, Home Electronics Installation, Painting, Tiling, or submit your “Honey Do List”, and we’ll recommend one of our super-popular Super Handyman Half Day or Full Day Packages to knock that list down to nothing.

How’s that for Super-Powered?  The Home Hero, saving homeowners in every way, every day.

Looks like our work is done here, tune in next time, same Blog Time, Same Blog Channel.

Up, Up and Away!

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