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(From Angie’s List)

Hey Moms!

So I wanted to post about my recent experience with Peter Rose, ‘The Home Hero’, who was one of the recommendations I was given from mom’s on this group list serve when I was in need of someone to help me with baby proofing my home. Not sure about all of you, but working full-time, leaves me with minimal resources left to conquer the idea of baby proofing the home…the idea of needing to do this was completely overwhelming to me! Basically Peter took care of EVERYTHING from creative ways to baby proof impossible things in the house, to purchasing these items, as well as taking my anxiety away and making myself, my husband, and Isabella laugh in the process! He also did way more than just baby proofing. We had so many things that we had wanted to take care of in the house but ‘just never got around to it’ such as mounting a flat screen, building shelves, basement issues, rewiring things, etc. Also, I cannot speak enough to, and I am sure you all can understand, to be able to go to work and trust the person you are leaving in your home! Priceless! Needless to say this overwhelming task was made super easy by using Peter. He was dependable, reliable, always on-time and fun! And Yes…This is a real person! HA!

I always like to share treasures that I find because they are so hard to come by!